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FREE Class!

Come on by the Lighthouse Park on Porter and 90 August 18th at 7pm and I'll use my over 16 years in the photography business to enlighten you on your new or old camera. This is a basic 30 minute class that will cover the basic operations of your camera and general photography tips/'rules'. You probably won't be able to run out and start up a business taking pictures of wriggling babies, colorful fire hydrants, or photogenic lizards but you will be able to use the manual setting and get a great exposure with a nice composition. You'll also learn why one of the photos in the ad below violates one of these 'rules'.

Don't have a camera? No problem, come by and hang out. Know everything about cameras? Awesome...come by...if you like. You probably won't learn anything new but we'd be glad to have you...

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