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Wedding Deal

Planning a wedding? What's the most important aspect of your special day? I'm going to have to say the photography - shocking right? If you go cheap on the cake, you still have cake; same for the flowers. If you choose the wrong photographer, however, you may not have the precious memorabilia that lasts a lifetime. Be careful about getting too good of a deal. Many times, with that unbeatable price, comes missed shots due to inexperience, equipment malfunctions, blurry or indiscernible photos; the list goes on. It's real important to check out the photographer's gallery and get an idea of what your photos will look like. Someone seasoned will usually have encountered all the problems before and know how to deal with it - ever changing difficult lighting, hampering venue rules, etc. A professional will have a backup of everything to include cards, modifiers, and even the expensive stuff like cameras and lighting.

If you're reading all this, you may be looking for a wedding photographer now or in the near future, so here's a deal especially for two potential clients. The first two brides to book a wedding session will get a full 50% discount - normally $250 per hour becomes $125 per hour. Message me if interested!

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