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Stacked Lighting

This week's photoblog involves achieving some dramatic lighting using one strobe, taking a few shots pointing the light at different areas of the subject, then stacking the layers in Photoshop using the 'lighten' blend mode to piece them all together. A few standard edits completes the photo into a polished studio quality effect as if there were a giant softbox overhead as the big companies do for a professional automobile shoot.

I'm holding a camera class on the 17th where you'll learn how to get out of AUTO and start shooting manual. In AUTO, it would be impossible to get the dramatic lighting shot or most other specific stylized shots you may want to achieve.

Here's a shot in AUTO straight out of the camera.

Now here's that shot run through Photoshop to get a better lighting and color output.

Now, lastly, here's a MANUAL shot with lighting modifiers.

Stay tuned for more another sporty car shoot soon!

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