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Frequently Asked Questions 

Best time for newborn shoot?

Within the first 2 weeks of birth (5-10 days usually)

How to prepare?

Keep baby up for 3-5 hours before the shoot as they photograph much better when sleeping. Bring baby in with just a diaper; if you would like clothing, we'll save that for last in order to not disturb as much as possible.

Where do you do the photoshoot?

Your place or mine! If we do the shoot in your home, it is best to have a space heater in the room to keep baby warm as their need for extra warmth will be amplified by the fact of no clothing. Bring baby on in to the studio for an extra 50 where I would have ultimate control of lighting and position. Totally up to your comfort level.

Do the poses put my baby in any danger?

Your baby's safety is the number one consideration for the entire session. The seemingly precarious setups in the gallery are Photoshopped! At no time would I attempt to actually dangle the newborn from a tree or even suspend him/her a few inches off the ground. If that's what the parent really wants, we would do some creative editing along with multiple shots and super careful handling where your little one is in no danger whatsoever. 


Rate and Packages

Newborn rate is 220 - see all that's included and more details HERE.


Baby's 1st year package is 375 - once we complete the newborn session, this package includes a 30 minute session at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months and also a composite made up of a photo from each session - a great way to show their rapid growth! 


Newborn session testimonials coming soon -

meanwhile, check out general testimonials HERE.