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To parents of i9 sports program:

Thank you for the opportunity to take photos of your child athletes! I have experience working with kids as I was the commander and current member of the Civil Air Patrol where we undergo a background check and several training modules of cadet protection due to working with minors. I'm also a retired senior NCO and current civilian with the Air Force. I love the art of photography and look forward to providing you with memorable and creative photos for your child's sport activities! Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions - thanks again!

There will be an online gallery full of game day action shots HERE in addition to the single player sessions on the dates mentioned on the photo order form for both locations, Gulfport and Long Beach. The action shots can be purchased as a digital download or prints right from the gallery. Sports photos are discounted 50% from studio prints/downloads. If you'd like a more stylized and personal premium shot of your athlete, book a session in the studio located at 1746 Pass Rd.

Take care, God bless, and see you on the field!

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