Free (fully clothed) Session

Unsure or nervous about doing a boudoir session, always wanted to do it but could never bring yourself to actually schedule one? Well here's your chance! Try out a session fully clothed in our boudoir studio. You'll get to see how easy it is to follow the posing directions without the vulnerability of the decreased attire. You'll wonder why you hadn't done this sooner when you experience the stress melt away within the first few shots. Wear whatever you like - you may want to bring an outfit change just in case. This session is free for the first two participants to schedule - message me on the facebook page to claim it (! For all others, a special discounted price of $7

Wedding Deal

Planning a wedding? What's the most important aspect of your special day? I'm going to have to say the photography - shocking right? If you go cheap on the cake, you still have cake; same for the flowers. If you choose the wrong photographer, however, you may not have the precious memorabilia that lasts a lifetime. Be careful about getting too good of a deal. Many times, with that unbeatable price, comes missed shots due to inexperience, equipment malfunctions, blurry or indiscernible photos; the list goes on. It's real important to check out the photographer's gallery and get an idea of what your photos will look like. Someone seasoned will usually have encountered all the problems before a

Variety is the Spice

With a Greenlite session, the goal is to deliver a variety of options from which to choose for your photo package. Here is a small sample that shows something different than the normal portrait.

Composite Work

On this week's photoblog, here is a composite along with the elements. Stay tuned for a Photoshop class on something like this - it's a great way to learn PS as we go through all the steps needed to manipulate these images after learning a bit of the overall basics.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

This week's boudoir blog addresses additional questions/answers about your session: Do your packages include hair and makeup? We do offer packages with complimentary hair and makeup by a professional MUA. See our full list of session packages in the 'welcome magazine' located at the main menu for pricing. Am I allowed to bring alcohol to help loosen my nerves? As long as you're over 21, that’s totally fine with us. We do offer champagne (and your own fancy glass to keep) at your session to help you relax. Do you provide the wardrobe? We do not provide your wardrobe. This is something you’ll have to pick out and bring along yourself. If you need help choosing an outfit, we can definitely give

Stacked Lighting

This week's photoblog involves achieving some dramatic lighting using one strobe, taking a few shots pointing the light at different areas of the subject, then stacking the layers in Photoshop using the 'lighten' blend mode to piece them all together. A few standard edits completes the photo into a polished studio quality effect as if there were a giant softbox overhead as the big companies do for a professional automobile shoot. I'm holding a camera class on the 17th where you'll learn how to get out of AUTO and start shooting manual. In AUTO, it would be impossible to get the dramatic lighting shot or most other specific stylized shots you may want to achieve. Here's a shot in AUTO straigh

How to incorporate your partner’s interests in your boudoir session

Need help planning your boudoir session? We’re here to help with these tips on incorporating your partner’s interests for a truly personalized photo shoot: Sports – This is a popular one. If your man loves sports, bring some sports gear with you. For example, you could wear a jersey from his favorite team/player, or bring a ball, mitt, club, bat, etc. Occupation – If your guy loves his job, try to incorporate that in your session. If he’s in the military, think dog tags, uniform, etc. If he’s a doctor, try a nurse outfit or lab coat. If he’s a firefighter – borrow his helmet and boots. There are so many options here. Some careers are more difficult to incorporate creatively, but we can even

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