Leading Lines

Leading lines is a way to draw the viewer's eyes of a photo to a particular location such as the main subject or focal point. In this photo, the leading lines themselves are actually more of the subject drawing the eyes to the center of the frame. This is one the rules, or rather, guidelines of composition techniques. This photo was taken with the Galaxy S7 Edge on a forced excursion when my car was in the shop - made the best of a bipedal expedition. The SOOC HDR (straight out of camera high dynamic range) is rather decent as well.

Photo Evolution

The design process of a photograph is different for everyone and also depends on the scenario. Some go out with no plan - snap away and see what happens. Some have a rough idea what they want and then work around the situation as it happens. Usually, for me, I get an idea of what I want to shoot and I can see vividly how that looks in my head. This photo is a really rough sketch of what I was thinking and then how it turned out. Came out rather identical if you can translate the bad freehand drawing...

Sloooow Shutter

Why use slow shutter? You want to capture motion. You want more light than the scene offers. You are shooting fireworks, lightning, etc. You'll want to balance out the influx of light with a smaller aperture and lower ISO or you can get into a whiteout situation. More tutorials coming up - watch for videos here .

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