Try not to stare

Finally, a visible sunset after some torrential weather lately. Also as great as this sunset, Saturday will be the grand opening where I'll announce some awesome deals. Now I would never use a cell phone for a paid client photo shoot and I just can't bring myself to condone 'phone photography', but this looks pretty decent IMO.

Interesting Breakfast

Here's the story - brothers came over to dad's house for father's day. Planned to make up a surprise 'breakfast in bed' meal. I watch food network. People on food network use these torches to make food fanciful and I wanted it to be fancy. Apparently one should not utilize a torch directly toward oil. I'm no longer allowed to cook and dad received a new microwave for father's day.

Around Town

Wanted to get out and just take photos as many photographers often do. Early in learning photography, you are taught to develop your 'eye'. Finding different and/or unique perspectives of landscapes or objects is key to injecting interest in compositions. This trip wasn't planned so nothing spectacular this time.


Had the pleasure of shooting individual and team photos for the Mississippi Rollergirls over the weekend. They are serious about what they do and looked like they have fun doing it! I wanted to show off my skating skills but had all those delicate cameras on me; maybe next time. Check them out on Facebook for more information.

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