Memorial Day

"Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it." ~Unknown

1000 Pictures

A photograph is worth a thousand pictures. I label my work as photographs. I feel that pictures are casually snapped, no work applied, and can be taken with a phone. I know it's just semantics but I think it conveys a sense of pride garnered from years of learning and refining the art along with investing in professional level equipment.

"Just's Greenlite"

Be sure to watch for the outrageous Client Building Specials coming soon. Here's a poster from the upcoming Facebook campaign.

Super Shoot

Love shooting cosplay and costumes in general - perfect for customizing backgrounds and adding effects. Can't wait for Halloween! This shoot involved me chasing some light modifiers across the parking lot - no super powers were involved; the pursuit was comical.

Almost Ready

I've been organizing several shoots lately building up a more recent portfolio to include 'new vision' material. I've also been working on getting you special deals and events to take advantage of these materials. Here's a sample from a swimsuit session. The scheduled model had an emergency come up so I grabbed the first person that looked like model material and convinced her to help me out - thanks! And sorry to the guy in the mismatched outfit eating a hot dog... get you on the next shoot.

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